Canada Day 5k

Signed up for this run without thinking that the weekend before I was going to be doing a 10k. 

Koren and I discussed if she was going to run ahead and do her own time or if she was going to run at my speed a couple of days before. We knew we were going to be matching besties again (well close enough).

Canada day arrived. Weather was hit and miss if it was going to rain or not. I am that one runner who doesn’t care if it’s raining. I always do better in the rain. It’s like the theory of dancing in the rain. Running is my dancing. Make the best and who cares if anyone is watching. 

I had some other friends running this, Melly made the trek out to Burlington. Dave from the Beaches Runners. 

The run arrived. Koren had agreed to run with me and keep me on track. By now it was pouring rain. We took off on the waterfront of Burlington. Rain and dark clouds were not slowing us.

Course wise my only negative is we hit a section of sand and not the packed down kind. This caused me to fully walk. The 5k is a loop, 2.5k and turn around. So got that dreaded sand twice. 

On our way back, we gave it our all. Melly came back out to run back in with us. With these 2 as my cheerleaders, pushing me. I was able to find what I needed to dig deep and cross the finish line with a new personal best. 

My old record was: 46:58
Canada Day: 45:05

I was able to take off 1 min 53 seconds off my record. This may not seem like a victory by any way to some but to me this was and is a huge accomplishment. I was able to push myself. I’m not normally a person who is about time, because the run itself is about the journey. Who you cheered along the way. The way you fought yourself and the way you felt coming across a finish line. These are feelings no one can give you. No one can take these from you. 
But to know my hard work is paying off in bettering myself as a runner is a feeling I can’t describe. It’s a feeling of triumph. 

This run was beyond well organized and Kelly and the crew she has working with her are all amazing. The food after was pizza. Who doesn’t want pizza after running on Canada’s Birthday. I would of went with a slice of cake as a full cheat day 😁

I will be back again next year. 

Team Nuun!

How can I even express how much it means to me that this amazing company has taken me on under their wing and made me a part of the team… well I can’t. BUT I can tell you that I love NUUN and the whole lot of products they have to offer.

Anyone who gets me knows I need to avoid sugar, so you never will see me drinking crap like Gatorade or any of those “sports” drinks.

Just check out this list of products and what they offer to each of you, including those in the back of the pack like myself. It is a product that every level of runner or athlete can use.

For us Canadians, you can buy this product locally at MEC, Sports Chek, Tri & Run Sports in Trenton, Ontario, but check with your local running shops.

When I applied to become an ambassador for this company, I was seeing who else was applying by way of SM, and I truly was thinking “I don’t stand a chance”. I’m not elite, my main goal is just to finish, and get the last half of any run across the same finish line. This is why this company is truly amazing, because they saw me as an athlete.

So thank you again Nuun for seeing that everyone needs to #StayHydrated

I shall do all my Nuun teammates proud.

The back of the pack is represented!




Who Inspires Me….

I’ve recently been asked a few times what or who inspires me…..

I think as a runner we all have someone who motivates us, inspires us and that one person who just never gives up on us. We may not realize that the one person just in life, who inspires us, makes us want to be a better person, but also to make ourselves proud. I am lucky enough to have both…..

My best friend is the person I looked to as inspiration to start running. She started and I always was the driver and cheerleader to run events. I’ve waited in the cold, wind, rain and on days when the sun was crazy hot, but I was the cheerleader. I’ve stood beside some awesome people as I’ve clapped and cheered runners in across the finish line. Koren, has been that one person, who has pushed me to get to the gym, get outside and do training. She inspires me to keep pushing myself to be a better runner. We’ve ran many runs together, but it has never been that we cross at the same time. This coming February, we will be crossing the Disney Princess 5K together, as besties who run together. Even racing each other on the treadmill (yes she always wins) during training, encourages me to push myself to be better to get fully outside my comfort zone. Since I’ve started running, she has waited for me at finish lines, all with smiles and showing me she is proud of me.  Koren is not only my best friend, but she is a sister to me. We inspire each other at the end of the day, with our goals and dreams; we never leave each other behind, and will tow the other until our feet get back going again. I could go on and on about how she is my sister and I love her and will always support her as she does for me…


Matt, motivates me with his constant, “get used to be uncomfortable pep talks”. Encouraging me when I feel I just don’t think I can do a run, but at the same time providing me with the support of “game play” for running. There are times I just want to tune him out, but I know that its friendship love pushing me, when I truly need it.

When I share an idea, he doesn’t push me back down to a comfortable zone. My first marathon when my next dream is accomplished it will be this amazing friend bringing me in to that finish line. He’ll be paying it forward and back to me, by being the on course cheerleader. This takes a friend to offer this up, to not be selfish and totally give back to the run and help me accomplish a dream and a goal all with no added benefit for him.

My friend Mike isn’t a runner in my league of running and I’m pretty sure if I ask him again he will tell me he hates it. He doesn’t inspire me to be a better runner, only never to give up, but what makes him who he is to me, is that he makes me believe in myself. He is the one friend, who plays the devil’s advocate with me. He reminds me that health at times comes before a run and mostly I always should be listening to a doctor when it comes to my lungs and my most recent woe of the stress fracture. He at times is that stern person who will never be afraid to tell me no, bad idea, which makes me proud to call him my friend even more.

He inspires me to want to do better for myself, but mostly never to change who I am. If I could have asked for a brother, it would be Mike and I do consider him my family. I may never in my running career see him at the finish line cheering me on, but he is the first person that gets the message, that I’ve finished. They say blood is thicker than water, but I can love water just as easy and know I have support.  I could never thank him enough for what he has done to date to help me, motivate me, or how he has actually inspired me to be better. Mike has my back in life. He listens to everything whether he wants to or not. He’s seen my emotions and never backed away.  Thank you Mike for being in my corner.

At the end of the day, running is just like life, strategy, game play, mental and lots of laugh. These three people have my back, are the wall that pushes me, who help me around my own walls and fears.

Have you ever thought who your support people are? For running and life? Who are those people you turn to, without realizing it? Who you turn to for help, when you’ve hit that mental wall… Give those people thanks, hug them and tell them, how they make you happy in life and in running. Treasure today as tomorrow is just a gift….

Toronto Island Girl Run – September 2015

Island Girl – Half Marathon Relay – September 20th.

My best friend and I signed up for this together as a team. We were each going to do half of a half marathon. It was the first time really we ran together that we relied on each other for each of us doing our best.

Again my training was coming along. I suffered a minor little stress fracture from the Nike run, which I was dealing with pain in my right foot as well as in my left foot I was experiencing plantar fasciitis in my left. I was still dealing with my lungs, which I was put on a different puffer to see if that with the other puffer would work. You might think, my gosh, health problems, but I just see myself as someone you can’t keep down. Why give up? Why let my body win? I am plus size and already people have this notion that when I say I run they look at me like I have a unicorn horn growing on me.

So race packet pick up, we went in on the Friday, which it was at the hotel right by the ferry dock in a small room in the basement. I guess in my head I was thinking that this is a women’s run there would have been a small expo of sorts of companies / agents showing products. So I was disappointed in the race expo, it was just a bib/sandal pick up and you were on your way.

Run day, I was nervous because the humidity had been climbing and my lungs were not cooperating at all. Koren and I debated who would go first over, my stress if I went first and not giving her enough time to finish etc.

The run was a struggle for me, it was a loop that went from one side of Toronto Island and back and to the other side, when I hit the “half way” point I wanted to quit. My lungs were burning; I was hardly able to breathe, catch a breath or even speak. I actually took a washroom break, multiple puffer uses and continued on. I couldn’t give up. I got this far, I could get to the end.

I ended up having to walk over the dreaded boardwalk, but it gave me time to catch my breath. My goal starting this run was just to get it done in under 2hours, which I successfully did. Your heart is a strong muscle as well as your mind, once you get them both on the same page, you run successful, you run never wanting to give up and you crush the voice in your head. My legs are just a part of me that my heart controls.

I again was the second last runner to come across the finish line. Koren was standing there waiting and ran with me up to the finish. I received my medal and the accomplishment that I ran a half of a half with my best friend.

The negative I had to this run was with being the last to finish, my lanyard to my medal was complete different it was if they miscalculated how many women were running and I just got a plan yellow attached to the medal, different fabric etc. I actually reached out on SM to the run to ask why I was given a different lanyard, was it a punishment for coming in last, or did they just not care about the back of the pack. I said I paid the same registration fee as everyone else.

Island Girl Ribbon

They eventually after rudely sending me a DM agreed to send me a lanyard to match everyone else, including my best friend. I don’t think there was a need to be rude, or not have enough. Whether a person comes in first or last the medal should be the same, including the lanyard. It should be the same treatment for everyone.

The other negative was the Terry Fox run was taking place near the last half of this run so you had many walkers, dogs and just general people out supporting another cause so the Km signs just get to be too much. When I did get my medal and go to the food table, it was being closed up.

Will I ever run this run again… short answer is no.

But I have the memory of sharing a run with my bestie where we both relied on each other.

Besties Island Girl