Who I am

How do I just simply just talk about myself and tell you who I am?

Well…I am just Jodie. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. I’m 38 years of age and I am a runner.

Nothing slows me or deters me in finishing any run.

I’ve been a very active runner for the last 7 years, including travelling from one side of Ontario to the other, I’ve travelled to Alberta, Florida for Disney Runs and to Alabama and most recently to Paris France.

I’m the advocate for those of us in the back of the pack, I lead us to the same finish line, on the same journey as everyone else. I speak up to bring attention to where it needs, so we all have the same treatment as those who finish first or last.

My favourite saying is “there is no finish line so love the journey”.

I am the best cheerleader as I feel everyone can always use the boost, the shove and the extra smile along the way. Encouragement is free to offer along the way, and its pretty simple to give it out.

I try my hardest on all runs I enter, I never give up and regardless how well or bad the time is, its still a successful run.

I embrace the challenge of changing me, challenging myself but mostly be a better version of myself each day.


I am open and honest about my mental health, my anxiety and the battles I have recently had with depression. I am not ashamed that I have good days and bad days.

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