International Women’s Day!

Ladies – what five words would you use to describe yourself? I recently was asked this question, for IWD. I could not just name five, plus coming up with five was a bit of a struggle. I ended up canvassing people with what five words would they use to describe me, these are just a handful of words that got sent to me;

Humble – Independent – Outgoing – Kind-hearted – Resilient – Sassy – Fierce – Hilarious                          

Energetic – Interesting – Caring – Dedicated – Loyal – Generous – Intelligent – Conscientious   

Strong – Kind – Thoughtful – Compassionate – Brave – Fighter               

These words are from family, co-workers and friends, both male and female, it was quite interesting to view how others see me. We never view ourselves in the same light.

The one thing I have learned a lot in this past year of Covid and changes are; we never ever need to apologize for being us. For being a strong women, a women with an opinion, and idea. I’ve learned we can say no, and not provide a reason.

This is our time, time to chop down anything that stands in our paths. Take the road less travelled.

We need to remember our words are valuable, both in our careers and amongst our peers. We are allow to make noise in both balances of our lives, at work, at home, amongst our peers. Make the noise to be heard and to allow our voice be recognized. I have learned this year, I do not need to bend, because it makes someone else comfortable or their lives easier, but mine takes the impact. I am allowed to say no. I am allowed to suggest we brainstorm, I am allowed to use my voice to help with change and to be the change. We do not need permission from anyone to be a voice making waves.

This world pandemic has taught me, I am strong, and just how strong I am.

Strong enough to get up each day, to continue on when I felt like giving up. Strong for asking for help when I was drowning. Strong for acknowledging I needed help for my own mental health.

I always have been a fierce woman. I am at times a small thunderstorm, and then I strike like lighting. Fierce is also being strong, but is also being untamed, wild and intense. I believe that being all these within my personality makes me who I am.

I am outgoing; I always have time to smile (when masks are not mandatory), at a random stranger, to give a simple hello. To compliment a random female, on her beautiful coat, earrings or hair. We need to raise each other up. I am a one-woman show at work for an unofficial social committee.

I am loyal, I am a loyal human to all those in my life, I am loyal to my job.

I am compassionate in everything I do; I can read a situation and be a shoulder, a cheerleader and mostly a friend, co-worker etc. I give all with my heart.

We now are in the time, to raise each other up, to provide support, friendship, and cheerleading to each other women. It is our time to rise, each damn day; we rise up. Never shy away from giving your voice to a support other women. We are our own cheerleading squad.

Each day, I try to be a better version of yesterday. To be a good friend, co-worker and at times a role model for other woman, girls and even to men. I always try to find a positive in each situation, whether I am crying or I am laughing until the tears come rolling down my cheeks.

I know as a woman in the past year, it was used against me;  I was not heard, my intelligence had not been valued. BUT I elevated above all that and never once faltered in being me, I continued to be strong.

All of this is how we internally feel, how we process our emotions, how we process our actions to others. We have emotions and we can never be ashamed to show them. Be proud you feel.

Our beauty is our own, my flaws are the new sexy. I have freckles on my face, which I have learned to love. I have saggy skin, but this is my body, but this is the picture of my body, of the hard work I put it through to lose weight, to be a better version of myself. I have breasts that are not perfect in my eyes, but they are a part of me. All of this is my make-up as Jodie, which I am a sexy strong woman.

We do so much to tear ourselves down in seeing flaws; we need to see these flaws as sexy attributes of our body. Our bodies have endured so much! We need to love ourselves more. It has taken me a long time to fully love myself, my body, and all that I’ve been through. This is my journey. This is me. This picture of me represents me, flaws and all; I am beautiful.

Thank you to Anita Canada for this opportunity to be part of the #AnitaIWDTakeover

Today is our day, to shine, to get the “round of applause” for all that we do. For all those moments, we shine as women, for all the remarkable things we do, and never get the praise. Remembering we never have to apologize for being a powerful women. For being warriors, whether silent or loud. For doing the job of 3 people and knowing it goes un-noticed. Today is our day to sparkle

So to all of the women reading this – love yourself fierce, be strong enough to say no, be brave enough to show up when you want to stay hidden. Be loyal to those who deserve your loyalty and love. Never be afraid to toss an idea out at work, because your ideas are valued. Love yourself and this includes all your flaws. We already have all this within us, we just no longer need to be scared to let us shine. Some of my greatest accomplishments started with me blurting out an idea and chasing it down.

I am leaving you with a challenge, to boost your confidence, your self-esteem – tell me five words you would use to describe yourself as well as ask some random people in your life. You will be surprised in how they see you, especially when they are words you probably would not have used. It will be an amazing boost for you, as it was for me. Try this and let me know what words you used and others.

Enjoy our day, we are equals, we are bad-ass and we all deserve the same opportunities and respect in this beautiful world.

Xx Jodie

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