Small Steps in to 2021

Well we are 16 beautiful days into 2021. Although I don’t see much difference from 2020. I know most of us will be able to give some positives from 2020, but most are going to remember the gray days.

So when I stayed awake to welcome in 2021, I think I personally just needed to make sure it happened, no ball got stuck and we did make it safely over to 2021.

I am not big on setting resolutions of what I want to do for the full year, because lets me real, I wouldn’t be able to stick them out for the full year. I didn’t reach any of my 2020 goals, which was to run physically in person 20 runs to celebrate 2020. I ran no runs in person in 2020. So that goal was washed away, plus all the other ones I had set.

This year I decided to set no resolutions. I end up becoming hard on myself and feel like I’ve failed. So this year I am going to be kind to myself.

I’m not setting a goal for the full year, but basically either by the month or the quarter. This way I can see the “light” and work towards something that is more achievable. Something that I can check off the success list. Small steps lead farther, over big leaps.

So first up is from January 1 to April 1; lose 25lbs. Odd number and really in 3 months its 8lbs a month, which seems low, but I am not going to pick a crazy high weekly amount that just puts stress on me. We are back in a “stay at home order” here in Ontario, gyms are closed and its winter. So I want something that is obtainable for me.  Something that is not going to cause me to put hard pressure on myself. We usually are our own worst critics and we can be so hard on ourselves. Covid has changed everything, especially mental health, so I am going to be kind to me.

Now that Christmas has officially been removed from the condo, I have room to workout. Which will be either on my “lunch hour” or after I finish work. This way I can get some exercise in and on nice days go for a walk around the block.

I’ve had the misfortune of still being sick with a horrible virus, which it has now been 29 days. I go this coming week for more testing to try and get to the bottom of it all. So people, please stay home, wear a mask and wash your damn hands.

I decided this is the year that I will truly make it about me and making sure I am happy or at least I am on a path that I am ok with. Covid is not going away anytime soon, until more people basically stay the hell home and the vaccine gets to more people.  I am slowly working away on getting a better balance in the work and home life, especially now that I am home more. Looking back at 2020, I believe it was a year of learning, but also at the same time, I reflect and realize even more now how much I stretched myself thin. Not this year, more about balance and working on my small goals I set for myself.

So to anyone who is already struggling with 2021 – remember everything starts with a small step, even 2021. Small steps. I will be keeping you all updated on my progress and my health!

Stay safe – wash your damn hands

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