Disney – Wine and Dine

This post is beyond late, but much needed. Especially if anyone is thinking of running this event in 2019 – my advice…. DO IT.

I want to explain how different it is running from Princess to Wine and Dine. I loved Wine and Dine. I loved the food festival, even as a vegan; I ate. The fun to be had at the festival is amazing. Plus it is also Halloween when we arrived, so we did Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

The runs were fun and unique. I loved the 5k even with the parking lot running. It still has narrow spots that you need to walk, but really running through Animal Kingdom was just amazing, with the lights, sounds of the animals waking up. I loved it. I dressed as Hei Hei and Koren dressed as Moana.


The 10k started at the parking lot of Magic Kingdom, we ran alone the road and came into Epcot to finish, we had fun on this run just walking and taking our time. Never in a rush. We grabbed pics and finished in a decent time.  We finished at Epcot, and the last 5k is just pretty much close to Princess.


The half was amazing. We started in the same parking lot at Magic Kingdom, ran back to animal kingdom, over to Hollywood Studios and finished at Epcot, yes there was a lot of road running, they had lots of entertainment, and the only down side was, I was hungry, they didn’t have the jelly beans in the normal 13k stop, it was more closer to 16/17km.

The course does double over with Princess, I did have to stop for one bathroom break, I swore I thought I’d make it, but it was not happening. I remember why I don’t stop, heat, sweat and running gear really doesn’t come off and on easy.

I think with the half the reason I was comfortable and ok knowing Koren was running with a horrible knee and well I may have brought on some concussion/whip lash symptoms riding rides before the run, I was in a better starting corral. I felt more confident that no balloon ladies would catch up to me nor did my anxiety kick in. I was comfortable, I felt safe, if that makes any sense.


It’s amazing how much your mental health plays with you when you are running a run. I’ve had to take my anxiety meds midpoint of runs because I at times couldn’t shut it down.

That vacation I did Disney for Halloween and I woke up on November 1st to Christmas, it was amazing. I relaxed, had sunshine and my first ever rain while at Disney. Koren and I met people, had a good dinner out. Just in all it was what I needed.

I tell people Disney does not disappoint, even at 1am when you are getting up.

So bucket list this one, as I know I’ll be back one day.

Here are some pics from the vacation and running.


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