5 Years of Running

Today is my 5th anniversary of my first every 5k, so I am pretty sure I can call this my running anniversary. I can’t remember the first day I started to train, but I remember the feeling of just showing up to the start line. I was a basket of nerves. I didn’t think I could do it. But I did it. I crossed the finish line with Koren standing off to the side quietly waiting for me. I remember the feeling of triumph when I crossed. I looked back and realized I did it. The sad part to this was the run ran out of medals, so I had to wait 6 months to get it.

After this I just became hooked on bettering myself, training but mostly learning so much more about myself. I sought out the help of someone who could help me in being a better runner both mentally and physically. I found that in “coach”. He has stood by me during all my health woes and has coached and encouraged me to continue. So far that I am grateful.

To my both my friend friends and running family far and near; thank you. Some of you have become close friends and I consider you family. I love each of you for what you fill my heart with in you just being you. My first run 5 years ago, I had Koren who ran and Tracey who was the cheerleader standing at the finish yelling for me. At that point I didn’t know a soul beside these 2. Now I see faces who are now friends, who offer hugs at the start or finishes of runs and even at time when I am getting my medal.

Running has given me so much. I feel blessed to be able to do this journey, meet people and if I inspire just one person to try it, I feel like I was/am a good advocate for this sport, in showing anyone can do it. Running does not discriminate.

This year I will complete and become a marathoner at Niagara Falls International Marathon. I never thought 5 years ago that my body was capable of this. My mind was strong enough to train for this and have this burning desire to test my own limits.

So Today , I’m quielty celebrating me. My decision to say “there is no reason I can’t run” and mostly I am celebrating how running has changed me. I’m a better person both physically and mentally.

Thank you to every person, running organization and companies that has/have supported me in this journey. It’s not anywhere close to being done, but I can honestly say I love it this far. 



Believe in your beauty. Believe in your wings. Emerge, and let yourself fly.

If it takes a few set of wings before you learn to fly. That is ok. This is me. I tried on many different sets all before I learned to fly. I’ve spread my wings and flown but I learned that not all flights are meant to just soar and I’ve crashed.

Two versions of Jodie; both are beautiful. My soul is the same; my shell has changed.

Fly Fly

My words to anyone who struggle, allow the struggles, embrace the good with the bad, and accept that perfect is just a word found in the dictionary. Set backs occur, your wings need a break. Its ok.