RBC Race For The Kids


Thank you to RBC Race For The Kids organization, for welcoming me to the ambassador program. It truly was an honour. I’m a big believer in youth mental health and having a safe, healthy place for them and their families, caregivers to get the correct help and guidance. 


I am not going to name names, but to everyone who donated and supported me in this run; thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Pushing me to do better and get it done. 

Your kindness truly touched my heart and made me realize even more I have an amazing support team/family. 

Third – the run:

Last year I did the 15k (and we most remember that). This year I went with a distance I’ve never done before, the 7km. Mentally I just was thinking it was a 5k with the extra 2k. But I also was thinking my lowest training run right now is 8k. So I wasn’t too worried. The course for the 7k is up (the hill) and back down. So it’s pretty easy. 

I had fun randomly chatting with other runners, family while we waited around. I thanked everyone for giving to an awesome cause and for coming out. 

So, prior to this past weekend I had another anaphylaxis episode which was another emergency run trip to the emergency (I was thankful for the same paramedics), including a hospital stay. 

I was thankful to all those who reached out to check on me. Not sure you all realize it or not but it means a lot. 

After the runs (yes there is a 5, 7 and 15k), you have lots of food, water, snacks, I really mean it. Muffins, nuts, grilled cheese etc. The only downside was the long lines and was spread out so it was clustered and hard to get around. There needs to be more signs pointing runners to all the food stations. 

My only suggestion would be to either make an in house completion between RBC Branches or head office divisions, for best cheer station. I find this run misses it as you’re running. I find cheer stations add more to the run, keeps you smiling etc. 

Overall this was an amazing run this year. I had zero bad experiences. The vibe was positive. I’m thankful for being an ambassador and the new friends I’ve made.

So please consider adding this run to your 2018 run list. 

One thought on “RBC Race For The Kids

  1. Congrats! I totally want to do the 7K sometime. LOVE the idea of the RBC branch cheer stations! I remember last year the only great cheer spots were the finish and one amazing water station midway. The food is absolutely amazing, but yes, hard to get to all the stations due to the crazy lines.


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