Week 1 – Done (marathon training)

So… week 1 is done, checked marked off. 

I was scheduled to run an easy 5k on Wednesday which I had a first. I ran my first ever 5k without stopping. This is huge to me and such a victory all on its own. It was just me and a back country road. Small steps lead to big steps. #MeVsMe

My next scheduled run was for Friday, which I’ll admit life happened and I didn’t get it in. I did however walk well over 5k around Toronto (avoided transit). I knew it was an error on my part for not getting out when I got home, but I know sometimes life creeps up on us. Plans change. 

Today (Sunday) was the scheduled “long run”. Koren visited for some Summer weekend fun (bonfire, sunsets and smores), so this AM (Sunday) we got up to go out for our 7.5k run. 

The sun was out, we were out with nature and off running. It was an easy path with some little hills. 

I had a few things I normally do that I didn’t today (Sunday); I didn’t run with my hydration pack. I ran with everything in a belt around my waist (which doesn’t fit everything) and water bottle in hand. I was completely fine for the 5k with this set up but not for this distance. I think I need my pack for longer runs. It’s way more comfortable and offers me easier access for my puffer. 

Today (Sunday) I also had another first…. a side stitch that all these people talk about. This was an experience. I said to Koren “is this a heart attack?”. I could barely breathe and I was bent over in pain. It was not fun.

So, I didn’t tell Koren but our 7.5k was actually 8k from where we parked the car to entrance to road we ran on. So it sort of helped a wee bit with missing the Friday run. 

My legs felt good, I was not pooped afterwards. I truly believe my body is adjusting to this running and this frequently, with such longer distances. 

The one thing that as my kms increase u have to accept I don’t get pizza. The rule always was after any “run” I’d get pizza or a slice but not anymore. Now my reward is food to refuel my body properly (but I still think pizza is proper). 

Marathon training is just not running but also food and mental.  

So let’s see how week 2 pans out. Stay tuned. 

#MyJourney #BackOfThePack

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