If you’re running with me…

If you’re running with me be prepared to walk.
I really do need this tank top. Not as a warning label to those who choose to run with me, but more or less just as sign, that is shows I’m not a perfect runner. I walk at times. I walk to give my asthma a break. I walk to give me body a little break from pushing it. I walk to look at the sites I am passing; there is a lot of beauty to be seen on a run, especially in a new town. (Trust me in Birmingham I was in awwe)

But in reality, many runners do walk. I’ll be the first to admit it and guess what…. ITS OK TO WALK during a run, a training run, or while running to a finish line. It’s ok to not be a perfect runner.

So for anyone who has ever offered to run with me, and those who have ran with me, they know this shirt is true, running with me, you must be prepared to walk. I’m not a perfect runner. But that is ok. I try. I enjoy the journey because there is no finish line; we all cross the same one. I don’t race anyone to get to it either. So as I’ve always said, there is no Finish Line so love the journey.

You also need to remember if you are just a beginner runner or someone who enjoys running as part of fitness or you’re training for an event, when you see pictures posted on forms of social media with people posting their time, remember that is them, not you. Never compare your journey to someone else. Never get jealous that someone calls it a quick and easy run that is your time for a 5k. Remember it’s your journey.

I learned quickly never to compare myself to someone postings their training run times, or even those times during a running event. That is them, 80% of them are posting to keep themselves accountable, and the rest are just doing it to boost their confidence, or being the “cool kids” and saying look at me, which is completely wrong, but its life. So don’t compare your journey with theirs. Always remain focused on you.

Celebrate your victories.

Celebrate your achievements but mostly celebrate you.



Those “fat pants”…. 

Sometimes when a person starts a journey to change their life, whether that be to find inner peace, happiness, a dream job or weight loss, they don’t often realize how far they’ve come until something happens, they do something minor and the change is there, more or less the victory. 

I’ve always kept the pair of jeans, I was in love with, when I was at my heaviest. I remember we had to drive over to the US to get them as they didn’t have “cool jeans” here in Canada in my size. I lived in these jeans, loved them and just loved how they made me feel, like I fit in, I was just like everyone else with the “cool jeans”.

As I started my weight loss journey many moons ago, I always kept these pants as the “reminder how far you’ve come”. I’d try them on every once and awhile and see the change. I tucked them away and haven’t brought them back out, until this weekend when I discovered them again.

 This is me trying them on yesterday.

I can’t tell you I see a smaller version of myself when I look in the mirror, I can’t tell you I go right to the size M/L on a rack in a store over the 2X (or higher). I still have trouble looking in the mirror and seeing this version of me. Nothing on the inside has changed. I am still me. But the battle is still real of #MeVsMe.

When I started running at over 300lbs, I never thought it could and would end up changing my life. I never thought (please ask one of my former gym teachers, Mr. Larry), I’d learn to love it. Love the life and feeling running and even working out at a gym brings me. Running does not discriminate, what you put in it gives back. I train and follow a plan, I may not post my pictures daily of it, but I do it. I give and it gives back, it tests me daily and in every run I sign up for.

The advice I could give anyone is never doubt yourself. Never quit on you and only ever do it for you. This change is mine and it has been done for me. Not for me to be more accepted by a society that still has labels, because really, I still have the label attached to me as being plus size. Do this for your own happiness, to have these small victories that just make you sit and cry. Remember no scale ever defines your worth, no time in a run defines your ability as a runner.

I am me

I am a runner