2017 Runs

I’ve spent the first half of this month trying to plan my 2017 run season. It was completely harder than I ever anticipated. My goal is to run at least 2 runs I’ve never done. Just to scare myself.
So I sat, pondered and asked people questions on courses and looked at all variables.
So I’ve registered. I’ve committed and I’ve got myself scared.
My running season starts in just a few weeks with a road trip to Alabama to run my 2nd half. This has me scared senseless but that’s the good thing. Face the fear.
I’ve committed myself to running 5 half marathons this year. Last year I feared just one. Now I’m doing 5.
My biggest commitment and goal is to run my first full marathon in November of this year. If the goal doesn’t scare me a bit I won’t chase it the same. So I’m going to train and learn long training runs are ok.
I’m going to push my body to being uncomfortable. I’m going to question my sanity in committing to a full. I know I will earn the medal. I know the finish is going to be mine.
I will be running some 5ks and a 10k, including Sporting Life 10k and the Canada Day 5k in Burlington.
So here is the committed list so far.
Feb 12 – 1/2 – Alabama – Mercedes Marathon
May 14 – 10k – Toronto – Sporting Life 10k
May 28 – 1/2 – Ottawa – TORW – Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon (#TeamAwesome)
June 11 – 1/2 – Toronto Island – Run Like A Diva (Discount Code – DIVAJODIE)
July 1 – 5k – Burlington – GGS Law Canada Run
Sept 17 – 5k & 1/2 – Ottawa – Commander’s Challenge – Army Run
Nov 11 – Full – Virginia – Richmond Marathon
If you’re running any of these events please find me and say hello, I’ll be in something nuun related.
If you’re still on the fence for runs or goals. Remember the sky is not the limit. Your fear is. Get out of the comfort zone and push every boundary.

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