Disney Redemption 

February 2016 compared to December 2016. 

When I went to Disney in February, I was mortified at how large I actually was. I didn’t like any picture that was taken of me. 

I was and always will be beautiful but it hit me when getting on rides, just how large I was. Every fear a plus size person has riding rides at an amusement park hit me. I barely enjoyed my time at Disney. 

This past weekend I went back for redemption. I rode every ride (including those that made me sick) and I did nothing but laugh. I had zero fears and never once was afraid with the “fat person mentality”. I stopped at every opportunity and had my picture taken with any and all characters. 

I love myself enough that I’ll always be seeking a healthier version of me. I’ll never be that weight again nor will I ever fail myself. My health will always play a factory in my weight loss, I learned early on, never ignore health warnings and trust in your doctors. 

There are no excuses for not picking you. Wanting to change you. Nothing out weighs the positives in having a healthy body. Never be afraid of living nor of learning a new exercise, or you could just become a runner like I did. 

So set goals, find rewards and chase them. 

2 thoughts on “Disney Redemption 

  1. So so proud of you Jodie. You are an inspiration!!
    I will loose the extra pounds I put on after quitting smoking.
    For when I head south.


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