Run Like A Diva…. 

Well I did announce a small glimpse that I’ve been selected as an ambassador for this amazing run series which is coming to Toronto on June 11, 2017 a couple of weeks ago..

Well here it is: 
Run Like a Diva… just what it sounds like. You’re getting the chance to run with 1000’s of other women (and the odd male). Not to compete for the best time, who had the better training plan and who crushed a PB, no this is about women empowering other women. Women running or woggling. Women supporting each other, whether you are a front leader of the pack or the tail end. We all will cross the same finish line, receive the same fancy medal for an accomplishment and be a Diva. 

This run is going to be filled with fun, laughter, some glammour running, with boas, tiaras, tutus, bubbly and they tell me there will be some pretty handsome looking men along the way and at the finish. It’s motivation ladies! 

So don’t get discourage at the words half marathon. There is a 5k route. You will receive the same Diva treatment. But ladies think, you are sitting there reading this, you’ve never been brave enough to try a half, this is the event. It’s women. You will be supported.  

Now if you’ve never done a 5k, here is your chance to get your gal-pals out on a June day. 

Time is on your side for training to do either distance. It’s not that scary. Plus Toronto Island gives such a gorgeous back ground full of views of the city you can’t help but have fun. 

Which ever distance you brave know this as a woman myself, I cheer for everyone. I am a plus size runner who just completed her first half. I did it. I didn’t let excuses get in my way. The half on this course is going to be way easier. No hills, street car tracks & no dark under passes with pot holes! If you have a fear, reach out to me. I’ll help show you it’s ok to have the fear. But use it as fuel. Fuel to drive your legs. Even if you’re going to do your first 5k. You will finish. Crossing that finish line will be a victory in which no one can take from you. You earned it. It was not given. 

Mostly for any of you who sign up and commit I want you to have fun. I want you to feel stronger both mentally and physically for doing this. I want this to be a celebration of us women. Celebrating the accomplishments of every single one of us. We all will earn the crown on June, because we all know we are Divas. 

Sign up here:
And look… a discount code: 
 **I don’t look this good running. But I’ll be mixing it up & making a more legit Diva Jodie one! 

discount code: DIVAJODIE 

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