Dedicated to me….

I did a side by side picture from 3 years ago to just a couple of days ago. It’s amazing how much my body has changed. But more importantly how much my mental thinking has changed. 
When I started running I was beyond heavier than what I am today. I was always told by my doctors and sports medicine folks every time my foot connected with pavement my body felt like approximately 700+lbs was hitting it. 

I was sore, exhausted and just hurt for days after any big run when I first started running. I felt like my legs became concrete posts. But the thing I tell anyone who is plus size who debates to run. A few days of pain can’t take away the accomplishment of doing the run and earning that medal.

But the thing I tell people, you are the only one who puts restrictions on yourself. Who uses being plus size as a negative. I don’t care what I look like running. I’m running. Running is something that doesn’t discriminate. Health benefits out weigh the excuse “I’m too fat”. 

Mentally I’ve reached a point where I just don’t care what you think of me running. I’m running. You’re not. Mentally I push myself, talk to myself and get myself across the finish line. I always say at the end it’s my heart not my legs. 

Since I started running over three and half years ago I’ve faced my fair share of injuries (dics bulged, moved spine with brokenness, stress fracture), pneumonia (twice) and of course my ever faithful asthma. I won’t even touch in on having to carry an epipen everywhere I go. But I tell people I had a choices every time something wrong happened: fight or flight. 

Do you fight your body and keep on a path to continue to find a better version of the current you? Or do you flight and run back to the couch? Do you give up because of an obstacle that comes along? 

I look at running as anything in life: you just don’t give up.  

In recent weeks I’ve met people who I’ve shown this picture to and they can’t believe the change.I said everyone has a journey inside of them. I just don’t give up. At the end of the day. I’m failing myself. I feel I can be a role model to many people. I can show them excuses are wasted air and words coming from your mouth. 

Now that I’m over 80lbs lighter, my running has changed. My stride has changed and my centre of balance is not the same. I face back issue when running. But you know what, it doesn’t make me want to quit. My biggest issue are my runners. I’m a forefoot runner so everything has changed! (see I need a job ASAP to support my running shoe needs) 

I’m dedicated. Dedicated to myself. The commitment I’ve made since running is to myself. To better myself. To push myself beyond what limits I set. To face fears head on. 

So to anyone who starts to run remember there is no finish line so love the journey. 

Your journey is yours and only yours. 

I am dedicated to me. To this journey. To continue to better myself and be open to helping anyone. Running with anyone who is afraid to be left behind. I’ve been in your shoes. I’m still the leader of the back of the pack. Don’t give up on yourself. 

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