My Coach… 

We all can say who has inspired us to just start running, or even any sport really. Some of us joined running clubs, others are just self taught. 

Myself, I like to say this talent was self taught. My strides and smiles are really my own doing. 

But the person who has guided me from the start, whose gave me the most honest and raw truth of my running was my friend Blair. To anyone who asks, I always refer to him as my running coach. He’s a runner, an iron man, but he’s not an Olympian.  He’s him. He understands.

From my first ever 5k, he sent me advice. Nothing frilly. Nothing like go rock it. More like don’t compete. Go your own pace and find someone to follow at your pace. Keep them in focus. You’ll end up passing people who go to fast at the start. So go slow and save for the second half.

I’ve always confided in him. Asked advice that is beyond crazy. Such as when do I refuel, when do bathroom breaks work. I’m sure that 97% of the time I annoy him. But he still supports me. 

Since I’ve bounced back from the horrid summer of 2014 and my 2015 injuries he has still offered advice and the latest for my upcoming 15k is here below: 

To me Blair just gets me. Understands my asthma, my slowness as being in the back of the pack. He tells me the advice I need as someone my size. He’s realistic. To me this is golden. To anyone who is plus size you do get discouraged by advice coming to you that is “off the wall”. To me if you’ve never struggled running, ran with someone who struggles you truly don’t have an understanding of how it works for us back of the packers. 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been given some advice along the way that has been pretty decent but I’ve also been given advice that doesn’t even come close to myself, my fitness level etc. 

So I’m thankful for Blair, his guidance and mostly putting up with my crazy questions. You all know I can ask some doozy of questions. 

I’m still inspired by those who push me daily, check in with me and encourage me. 

So to you reading this, whether you’re self taught or going to be brave and join a running group. Even asking someone to run with you (This week I just volunteered to run with a random stranger to help encourage her). We runners don’t bite. 

Remember everyone started somewhere. Don’t be discouraged by those you feel are better runners. You’re just as good. You left the couch. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, whether over social media or just randomly. You won’t learn if you don’t ask. Someone somewhere has experienced what you’re thinking. 

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