Do you remember when we were kids, mostly we still played in the park, local fields or went on adventure hunts through the woods just to splash around in a creek, get all muddy, but spend those lazy summers just being kids. Now the youth of this generation are out chasing a fictional character on a smart phone. Not chasing bugs, butterflies or feeling the wind as they bike crazy down the street. (remember I am a country kid)

Fundraising as a child was so much easier, we went door to door, knew the names of those doors we knocked on. Some houses always had a change jar by the door for such knocks. I could smile my ever so sweet toothless smile and I was in.  But oh have times changed….. I have all my teeth, there is no knocking on anyone’s door (I don’t even know if I’d be safe to do such a thing and/or not meet a police officer from some complaint)

So here I am; looking for support/sponsors for an upcoming run I am doing. It will be my 2nd 15k that I am going to complete. I have a time in my head, a mental game plan on how I will successfully cross the finish line on September 17th.

I’m not asking you to just give the money because this is run is going to be me against my legs, with my heart pushing me. I’m asking you to donate to this, to Sunnybrook Hospital, to support our youth.  I’m asking you to donate, to give our youth a fighting chance, between growing up (we all remember those hormones and emotions), dealing with mental health issues and just trying to figure life out in such a short spam in those youth years, we need to make sure they have a safe place to turn for help. To express the feelings, the walls they’ve built up and mostly know it’s ok to admit they need help. We may never end the stigma of speaking up and admitting its ok to need help, but we can give some a fighting chance.

I believe in our upcoming youth, which means those of you who are parents, I believe in your children. I believe we have youth walking around that have the ability to go into cancer research, go into engineering (because really before I die, I want to be like the Jetson and fly in my car.), we set the path for the youth, the next generation, but they still need us. They still need us to create safe places.

So I ask, pretty please consider donating, your spare change, the Starbucks/Tim Hortons coffee money. Don’t donate because I am going to run 15k whether I crawl, walk or woggle, I will finish and not disappoint any of you who donate, but donate to give our youth, their families a chance, a place to seek help.

This small town girl still believes it takes a village to raise a child….


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