Toronto Beaches Jazz Run

Not sure what got in my head to sign up for a run in July, when I suffer with such severe asthma, but I did.

With the week before tossing my back out I had no hopes in this run but just to get across the finish line.

Run day arrived. I have to say parking was easy, very quick walk to start/finish.

Koren and I met up with the rest of #JPsTeam and got our tutus all on. Basically this run was the midsummer family reunion. Hugs were given and pictures taken. We just missed the bbq portion and chatted over port-a-potty lines, eating bananas and drinking water. Seems about right. 
Photo Credit: Inge Johnson

So the halfs were sent off, given plenty of time for the head start. Next the 10ks went off and then me (us) 5kers. 

Koren and I started out together. I told her to ditch me. I was running on a boardwalk, all with the fear of “am I going to trip”.  

I started this run off strong. The weather was chilly and the sun wasn’t crazy hot. I think the heat hit me mostly when I was close to the 2km mark. The puffer had to come back out. By this time the heat was crazy, I was sweating and my body was just hot. I felt like I was baking. 

On the loop back I saw my #JPsTeam, which gave waves, high fives and told me I had it. I knew I had it. Whether I crawled. I was not giving up. 

You look at how far you’ve ran or woggled, you know you can’t stop now. I know that time doesn’t matter, how much the heat is killing me and the fact my back is numb, I just don’t give up. People ask me why sometimes I don’t, my answer is because I can’t find a valid reason to tell myself. I can’t live with the upset of failing myself and knowing I could of done something if I just stepped an inch outside my comfort zone. 

The finish line was probably the toughest one I reached. My body was just super tired. Kelly and Koren brought me in. I crossed and didn’t even care about my time. I felt sick and for a first I felt like being sick. I finished a summer run with sucking back my puffers.

Now some highlights… 
I had a moment before the run which I sent a message to JP, to express how excited I was. My #JPsTeam singlet fit me. For many of you, you’ll never understand this, but this was a hurrah moment. My hard work paid off well before my goal of October. I finally felt like I was part of the team. My shirt fit. I could join in. It’s the small things. The moments that make you click and feel better. I was finally one of the cool kids.

I experienced highs and lows with random strangers running this course. To some of the 10k fast runners (maybe the elite ones), I want to thank you for telling me “I got this” or “good job”. Hearing that when you’re on the route back, pumps me up. Others believe in me. Support the back of the pack. So thank you for being kind. 

Now to the lows with random strangers: to the two girls who were in front of me, when I tried to pass you and you both looked at me, made your comments which was completely rude and unacceptable. I could hear you. Maybe you didn’t notice I only had one ear bud in. I heard you make fun of me. I heard how you wouldn’t let me pass you. All I can say is I hope karma does find you both. You both should know you have no place within the running family. You made tears hit my eyes. So bitches, I rise above you. I am a runner. I finished the same race as you. 

**Now to the whole overall run…The run itself from being organized to finish, I have zero complaints. The volunteer at the last 1.5km, thank you for not lying and saying I was close. Giving me the actual distance helped me mentally. I loved seeing the amount of official race bikes. I felt safe if in the event I needed medical attention. I saw these bikers constantly. Lots of water and Nuun on course. At no time did it get confusing with bouncing from boardwalk to path. I would highly recommend this run to anyone. It comes with a medal that is sweet. 

2 thoughts on “Toronto Beaches Jazz Run

  1. I was the dead last male, and third last overall for the entire race. Does it bother me? Not at all.

    We were out representing #JPsTeam and pushing personal limits.

    Not cool with the two girls. Don’t let evil people like get you down. Be proud of yourself! I’m also a firm believer in karma, so hopefully nobody looks them up in the race photos, finds out their names cross referenced with the results, and publically shames them. Karma…

    Great job on the run. It was toasty!


  2. Congrats on your race! I did the half and it was bruuuutal. No more summer races for me. Ive been running for awhile and I have to say those 2 girls are the exception. I find runners so supportive and it sounds like you came with the right team to help you hit your goals!!


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