RBC Canadian Open & a 1st for me

This was the first ever run for the RBC Canadian Open. 

The reason I signed up for this run was because I’ve grown up golfing and having a golf course in the family just made it more special. Plus come on, I’ll never play Glen Abbey CC. So I decided to run it. 

Race pick up was easy. Emails were completely clear as to parking and what to do on run day.  

Saturday arrived! Up with the rooster and on the road to Oakville. Arrived at the GO parking, buses and volunteers were waiting to get us on the bus. I have to say our bus driver was awesome. 

The course and run area while waiting was just amazing. I loved seeing all the golf stuff set up and wandering to look at the 18th hole. 

Here was a first for me… I ran the run without my Garmin. Shocking eh?! It was liberating. I felt like a rebel. At the start line all I could hear was beeping as everyone set up their watches. Me I looked to the sky and was thinking I’m blessed to be running. 

Off we went. It was fun. But golf cart paths are not that big. Koren and I laughed and was more looking at the holes as we went. 

Around the 2km mark I had a woman approach me who reads this blog and told me I inspired her to run. If you’re reading this, thank you for that compliment. But, this is for you. Never give up. Be proud of every finish line and every accomplishment. 

Around the 2.5km mark my asthma kicked in. Was quick surprised it took to that point. Did my thing and was off. 

What I totally forgot which never entered my mind, from being a golfing family (with a golf course in the family) golf cart paths are not flat. Hills, twists and turns and more hills. 

Around the 3.5km mark I was going along at decent pace and all of a sudden the I felt the pain. My lower back and right leg. I knew something happened. Something seized. My leg felt like lead. Tears hit my eyes, but I knew I couldn’t go off the cart path and I saw medics once on course and never again. 

So I carried on. Told Koren we need to slow down and walk hills both up and down. I was bound and determined I was going to crawl across that finish line. Tears and sweat rid body was going to make it. 

I finished and crazy enough I only added 40 seconds onto my time. Not sure if I was flying or not but I was happy. 

I discovered wearing a watch, it becomes a weight on your arm. I realized before I always was looking at it. It was a stress. Am I on pace? Am I on track? How much further? This run, without a watch I truly enjoyed the scenery, looked at more runners, talked to more people and just relaxed. I felt like a rebel. I didn’t wear a watch during a run. 

I got my medal which was the golden moment. I’ll never play this course but I ran it. 

After the run, I knew that Koren’s cousin who is a Chiropractor in Burlington does work Saturdays. Koren called and Ashley could see me. I was in heaven. If anyone is in Burlington please look her up and seek her out. She is beautiful, but her hands are tough. She was able to help my back, get me able to at least walk and sit without pain. 

So here is the one thing that need to be changed for this run: No Strollers!!! Golf cart path is not wide enough for a double wide stroller and a runner without respect. I shouldn’t feel a stroller on my heels. 

Will I run this run again? Yes, I need to kick this course back in the ass. Prove I’m the winner. It might of won this round but I know what to anticipate for the next time. 

Here is my challenge to you! Run a run withou your Garmin or any other tracking device. Feel the freedom. The difference it makes in your heart at just running. Try it. Just run. 

One thought on “RBC Canadian Open & a 1st for me

  1. I’m the one who recognized you during the race. I hesitated to say anything to you during, as I didn’t want to disrupt you, I’m glad I did. Thank you so much for inspiring me to begin running, something I never thought I’d ever do. Thank you for your kind words… I recently hurt myself and have had to take a week off, and I was so afraid I wouldn’t start again… your blog post came at the right time… thanks for the encouragement and I hope I can pay it forward someday.


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