Asthma Runner

Oh summer how I’ve waited for you to arrived. I survived the cold winter, the damp spring all in the anticipation of sunshine, blue skies, but I quietly dread the humidity that comes with the lazy summer days.

I am an asthma runner. 

By no means is this a pity post. It’s a post for you non asthma runners to understand. 

Today, I had to refill 2 prescriptions that totalled over $150. This is just a months supply. I have a specialist who has provided me with the other puffers I need free of charge. (I do not have a drug plan). 

Humidity, sucks the air from my lungs. I wheeze like a 90 year old, smoking bingo playing grandma. I have pains in my lungs. I can’t take deep breathes. I actually talk less. Shocking!

Going outside is planned around times of days, weather reports & what needs to actually get done. God bless AC! 

So with all this, I have to look at the big plan. How the hell does one train for a 15k in September and a Half in October. 

Well my answer is: weights. Build strength. Do small gym treadmill runs. Keep it simple. 

I may be on the large side of the scale, but that doesn’t change my commitment. Doesn’t change the struggle of trying to breathe. 

In the real world the perfect plan would be have a plan. Never wander from it. Keep it. But that’s not my world. I grab at those days when we get a heat break. Leave my bed at 4am. The evenings when it’s cool. My plan as of now. Is just to keep moving. Keep going to the gym. Run when I can. 

It’s constantly a daily struggle. But I won’t give up. Summer may give me all sorts of breathing troubles etc but I’m getting my vitamin d and a perfect tan. 

So summer, keep kicking my ass. I got a plan not to plan. I will train. I won’t give up. 

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