Canada Day 5k

Signed up for this run without thinking that the weekend before I was going to be doing a 10k. 

Koren and I discussed if she was going to run ahead and do her own time or if she was going to run at my speed a couple of days before. We knew we were going to be matching besties again (well close enough).

Canada day arrived. Weather was hit and miss if it was going to rain or not. I am that one runner who doesn’t care if it’s raining. I always do better in the rain. It’s like the theory of dancing in the rain. Running is my dancing. Make the best and who cares if anyone is watching. 

I had some other friends running this, Melly made the trek out to Burlington. Dave from the Beaches Runners. 

The run arrived. Koren had agreed to run with me and keep me on track. By now it was pouring rain. We took off on the waterfront of Burlington. Rain and dark clouds were not slowing us.

Course wise my only negative is we hit a section of sand and not the packed down kind. This caused me to fully walk. The 5k is a loop, 2.5k and turn around. So got that dreaded sand twice. 

On our way back, we gave it our all. Melly came back out to run back in with us. With these 2 as my cheerleaders, pushing me. I was able to find what I needed to dig deep and cross the finish line with a new personal best. 

My old record was: 46:58
Canada Day: 45:05

I was able to take off 1 min 53 seconds off my record. This may not seem like a victory by any way to some but to me this was and is a huge accomplishment. I was able to push myself. I’m not normally a person who is about time, because the run itself is about the journey. Who you cheered along the way. The way you fought yourself and the way you felt coming across a finish line. These are feelings no one can give you. No one can take these from you. 
But to know my hard work is paying off in bettering myself as a runner is a feeling I can’t describe. It’s a feeling of triumph. 

This run was beyond well organized and Kelly and the crew she has working with her are all amazing. The food after was pizza. Who doesn’t want pizza after running on Canada’s Birthday. I would of went with a slice of cake as a full cheat day 😁

I will be back again next year. 

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