Review of Waterfront 10k

The back of the pack review….

Package pickup:

I had no complaints in the location and the size of the expo. My only complaint is that pick up was Wed-Thurs.

The swag:

I just love getting sunscreen in my swag bags. The shirt love the design and colour.

Race day:

Starting corrals were well marked. Music was playing near the start area. I didn’t need to use the porta-potty, so I can’t comment on the line up.

Once I got to my corral and inside (Purple), I felt we had no clue in what was going on as we could not hear the speakers. I found not being able to hear, it became difficult to know what corral had went off and what was going on. So my Garmin setting up was off this time.


Was well marked. It was nice to run downhill for the first km. I will openly say I hate running up and down ramps to the Highway. Just hate them.

We zig and zagged alone Lakeshore out to a turn around and came back. The part I liked we ran by the finish and at some points racers on the home stretch were cheering us on, including friends who gave high fives.

At the split Tribe Fitness was at this cheering section, they were loud, happy, cutely dressed as well as super supportive. Saw a few JPs Team tutus. 😁 It was nice to see kids and teenagers out cheering. I feel It gave them an appreciation of all level of athletes.

We then at this point continued onward to the turn around point. We did pass a cheering section which was abandoned. We continued down the hill to the actual turn around and again this cheering section was packed up. People sitting on the grass, backs to us as we turned. Indie 88 you completely disappointed me.

The last hill in the sun and June heat just about did me in. The heat by this time was becoming gross. (Again ran past the abandoned cheer station)
I got to run by Tribe Fitness cheering section again, they had their water gun out. Jumping in the road and just being loud as can be.

The home stretch….the Finish line:

The announcer was good. Got some power bar goodies.

The volunteers with Red Door who gave out the medals were full of energy and having fun. (My medal was given to me by a close friend who was working and surprised me at the finish).

Food and after area was decent. I got a banana and that is all that matters. The bread everyone was happy with. It was from Paniera Bread.

Finisher Medal: 1st Edition, funny enough my outfit matched the medal. I find it amazing. Nice and heavy. One of a kind.

Overall I will do this run again. Only to prove to myself I can be better.

Now for the “Complaints”……

If you as a running team/ organization or even a radio station that has signed on to be a cheer section, why on earth were you packed up when the course still had runners?

Do you only cheer the front half of the runners on this run? Only cheer till your friends are passed? What about the rest of us? You had the easy job. Cheering. It was for a couple of hours.

No one will understand how it emotionally feels when you see an abandoned cheering station. It’s a feeling of “wow they’ve given up on me and the rest of us still out here.”

So you cheer stations who quit… You literally should be ashamed of yourselves. You running groups/clubs who packed up, you’re not part of the running family. You gave up on us. You became the selfish kids.

To Indie a business, who packs it in early? You don’t support everyone in a run? All of Toronto?

In the end we deserve the same cheering as the 1st half of this run. We all cross the same finish line.

Lastly, to Tribe Fitness (Heather & gang including JPs Team), thank you for believing in all runners during this run. For standing out in the sun and heat. You cheered loud and proud. Thank you again.

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