Toronto’s Run for Women (Run Recap)

When I first saw this event and that the series was making a stopover here in Toronto, I decided what better way to have a come-back after surgery run but this; a run to support women’s mental health.  I need to thank Brooks Canada for the promotions on SM as it helped me decide to attend this event.

I kept this run quiet. Which to be honest is unusual for me, as I am a bit of an advocate for all runs I go in. But I needed to prove to myself, that my training had paid off, my legs would work and my heart was still fully in this.

I went on Friday to the Rosedale Running Room on Yonge Street (, where I was greeted by an amazing volunteer in which I had a great conversation with regarding volunteers and how runs can’t happen without them.

After this I did some “window shopping” in which in turn lead to another great conversation with a staff member. I’ve been to this running room many times for race packet pickups and the staff never ceases to amaze me with being humble, outgoing and just really down to earth. I like this running room. If anyone needs one that is in the Rosedale area, please stop in, the staff are great.

flat runner

Run day – I quietly got up with my bestie, who I need to add did not run this run, but volunteered at the finish, she was one of the amazing ladies handing out the race bling… the bracelet.

The Brooks staff I met, were just awesome. My bestie spoke to them about her concerns regarding sports bras etc, they offered help, suggestions and did their absolute best to help her. The conversations were awesome and you knew that this group of Brooks staff truly cared. Rare to find, so it made me like Brooks even more. #RunHappyCA

I was nervous, because my training was all done with my bestie in being paced, motivated and driven to keep going farther, faster and better.

I guess I should also back track a couple of days…. I was rushed from work by ambulance on Thursday prior to the run for going into full blown anaphylaxis shock, which lead to a group of major asthma attacks and so on. But the only thing I asked the doctor in the ER was… “Can I run on Saturday”.  I don’t need praise or be told I’m crazy. I just don’t quit. I don’t stay down long when I am knocked down. We always have to keep moving forward.

While waiting for the run to start, the organizers did such an awesome job from the host, to the warm up to just getting people involved, there was so much pre-run sampling that you were kept busy and time just flew by.

The sign in the “washrooms”…

potty love

When we were walked to the start line, for once I decided I’m not standing near the back. I am going to make sure I am in the middle.

The run started and I was off. My goal: Just finish.


Event Place Division Place/Gender Place/Division Chip Time
5K 371/577 F3039 276/433 83/126 0:49:39


I am proud of myself for this time. I owned this time. I needed my puffer a couple of times on the course, but I didn’t slow. I crossed with my bestie who came out and got me, we ran across together.

When I crossed, I knew I was back in the game, the runners high was back. The joy of experiencing the cross of a finish line was there. My heart was happy.  I’m ready to tackle my next run hurdle, which is the Waterfront 10k at the end of this month. Again, my goal is just to cross. Time is just time.

Anyone interested in what you get in “swag bags”… this run has the best I’ve had yet. The products were amazing and geared towards women. My Shoppers reusable bag was completely full of toiletries, magazines, creams etc. Well worth it.

The only thing I think that can be changed for this run is the support/cheerleaders along the course and at the finish line. With Shoppers being such a big sponsor and with so many stores within the GTA, there could have been so many competitions to best cheer squad, dressed and over crazy cheerleaders. This was one of the first runs I noticed the lack of cheering along the route.

I do need to say, that every Toronto Police Officer I passed, they got a high five. Thank you for being out there, keeping cars and other’s away from us, us safe and making the course flow smoothly.

Thank you again to Nuun for keeping me hydrated along the run.

nuun hate

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