I honestly had no clue that I’ve actually inspired one person. Today (Sunday), randomly out of the blue I received this message:

So where to start! In December I signed up for my first half marathon. Over the first couple months I was pumped and think “what have I done?” Anyways I trained, I ran in all elements but funny enough never rain and I mean constant rain for 21 km plus the 2.5 km walk to the start line. I thought multiple times I should just go home and sign up for another one…. Nope… I have never met you and the closet I came was at the Run To Remember. None the less your blogs, your tweets, your IG message came rolling to mind and I kept walking. I started with the pack of runners and held a good pace with them till about 9km. Then the tiredness started, the cold continued, my legs grew heavy, the blisters on my feet became unbearable yet I kept going… I had two people who followed along cheering. Me on. I cried as I approached them. Fast forward to 18km when I saw them in the distance, dodging cars that couldn’t follow direction, not even knowing if I was still on track. I saw my friend and brother. She gave me a big hug, I changed my shoes and was able to continue. When I got to the finish line I was by myself but was coming in the the full marathon runners… As I got my medal I thought I was doing to pass out… As my friend and brother came around I was standing all alone, soaking wet, with water and food in my hands shivering…. And once again your smiling face crossed my mind and thought “Thank you Jodie” your blogs, words pictures don’t go unnoticed so I just wanted to say thank you for helping me though my 1st Half xo💕”

I honestly didn’t have any words to even return to this person. I was floored. But I let her know that her half was beyond earned. It wasn’t given and no one can take this from her. The finish line changed her as a person and as a runner.

I never thought that me, back of the pack runner could inspire someone. Be a voice in a head.

I’ve talked myself through so many difficult runs where I just wanted to cry. Give up and question why I thought I was able to do this. I’ve never given up. I’ve been last, I’ve came across a finish line needing a medic to cut the sock out of my blister. But in my heart I knew I couldn’t fail myself. I am stronger than I’ve ever thought I was.

Each of you who are reading this are capable of so much more than the fear you have. Your fear is not based in your heart but your mind. Your mental game should and always losing against your heart.

Never give up. Never toss in a towel.

So today I was surprised. It warmed my heart that I’ve been able to help one person in not giving up. It made me speechless. I just see myself as me. Not someone special.

So thank you Jenn for making my day and making me realize that my strength, passion and heart has indeed helped at least one person.



I was super stoked when Brian from Nuun let me know my bio had been updated on the site (Yes I know there is one typo….).

I am beyond thankful to Nuun for looking outside the box and making #TeamNuun full of all levels of athletes, fast, mid pack and people like myself who bring in the back of the pack. To give recognition to all these levels is something so many can learn from. Nuun beyond a doubt sees everyone as a whole and an equal. We all are part of the Nuun family. Thank you for believing in me. Seeing potential over anything else. 

Now on to the why… Why doesn’t companies as well as other running organizations (Runs who have ambassadors, digital champions etc) welcome people of all running levels, shapes and sizes? Why is it just usually the same people over and over? 

Myself, I like interacting with everyone, those who struggle but have the heart and those who just think speed is the answer. At the end of any run, we’ve all crossed the same finish line. 

I am a cheerleader. Standing in my corral waiting, I talk to the people standing with me. Encouraging others is part of the running family. You have to be part of the community. 

I’ve applied to be ambassadors/champions and never have been selected other then by Nuun. Is it because these other organizations just don’t want a back of the pack leader representing them? I don’t have the face of a runner? Cause I’m pretty sure I got a good smile and a heart of gold. I don’t run fast enough? But yet I don’t give up. 

My dream would be to see all levels getting picked to become a face of a run. People relate to those they feel they are like. In my dreams I might run a 5k under 30mins. But I can relate to someone closer to my speed and who have experienced my struggles with a tad bit of extra weight but never given up. 

So for who ever reads this just know what ever your speed, your placing in a run, you did it with heart and no one can take that accomplishment away. You crossed the finish line. 

For any running organizations…. Look outside the box. Don’t pick just the cool kids in the sandbox, because we all get tired over and over of the same cool kids. 

More organizations need to be like Nuun. Treat and see everyone equal. Don’t be afraid to shake it up a bit. 

If I’ve offended anyone. Just deal. Woggle a mile in my shoes. You’ll understand my motivation, drive and true encouragement. My hearts huge in supporting others.