If most of you’ve been wondering, why hasn’t this girl posted anything in a while?

Well the truth is: I had major surgery. It wasn’t a little in and out. The hospital was my home for over three very very long days.

Recovery has been slow, and I can only beg a surgeon and team of doctors so much to let me exercise. But the day finally came. I was told, light light jogging. I felt like a newbie. My legs didn’t know what to do, but I finally got back into a pattern. Each week I am seeing a vast improvement in my time and I am feeling so much better.

I know the road to recovery will be long, paved with a few bumps, dips and sharp curves, but I’m ready. I never back down from a fight, or a challenge and this will be no different.

I need to thank my friends, family and running family for the continuous support. The love all of you has shown has been amazing and heartfelt.

So 2016 (What’s left)…. I’m coming for you….



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