If I was to have a running team, club or just a group of people out running together our family name would be Ohana.
Ohana means family and nobody gets left behind. It also refers to a close group of friends or class that resembles a family.
^^ See that, my running family’s name right there, you heard it first here.

I feel that as runners when we go out together in a group or even if only two of us, we never leave someone behind. If you need to walk, we walk. We don’t leave the weakest link behind nor do we make them feel weak for being good at their own speed. We don’t judge, we support.
When walking with your family, you don’t leave a child behind, a grandmother or even your father, you stay with them. Ditching is something you’d see on the movie Mean Girls, not in 2016 with grown adults.
Now the next thing would be once you speed runners and selfish individuals have acknowledged this is a group run, with the rules of: we cheer, we laugh and mostly you run with a smile. But if you show up on a group run day, you are not out to train for your next run, you are out training with your weakest link. You are there to build the middle of the pack to be stronger. It’s not a hard concept eh?

Now with being Ohana, we all are cheerleaders on run (notice I don’t call it a race) day. Time is great, because you know what, we all get the same 24 hours in the day, if you want to run to the point your legs and lungs are burning on the same run as myself, power to you. You are family. I’ll support you. I’ll ring a cowbell from the back of pack in salute to you. I will be a cheerleader. We all are cheerleaders.

When you pass another runner on the course that you see slowing, you will cheer them on when passing.
Running etiquette is starting to fizzle in the last year and a bit which is something that should never happen.
So if Lilo and Stitch had it right, so do I. I have a large running family, but every once and awhile I have to bring the attention back, group runs are not meant for speed, they are meant to spend time with your family, almost like that Sunday dinner…

So everyone is welcome at my dinner table and to be a member of Ohana

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