January is a trial month…

All it took was 18 days of 2016 for me to be hit with an injury. Not any ole injury that comes with an awesome story, no it was so simple as me falling face first into a sidewalk. Nothing fancy and more like embarrassing but this is me. I have these moments. This moment left me with a concussion

So I’ve decided Janaury is just a trial month.  

My 2016 is restarting on Monday. Fresh start and fresh chapter. Flipping a calendar month. 

I’m in the middle of training for Disney Princess weekend. I know I won’t be running my best but I’ll be running with my heart.  I am on hold for training until the headache and concussion side effects are gone. I’ll be back. I’ll do my best but mostly I won’t be giving up. 

So bring on February. New goals, new chapter and mostly fresh starts. 

I’ll be a princess, even if I have to crawl! 

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