Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon – 5k #STWM

I have to say the race expo for this run took me back a bit, it was all changed around, which took some getting used to. I was able to finally find the water-hydration pack I need for my half-marathon in February, as well as pick up my day to day running gels all at a great price.

My favourite booth, which I hope returns because I love the product and the deals that were offered. Nuun. I first tried this product way back near the beginning of my running “career” , just to keep my electrolytes up and just to keep hydrated. It is not loaded full of useless sugar, offers an excellent taste, well worth the try. Plus I’ve slowly become addicted to the “All-Days”. Andy and his son were a hoot from Nuun. Next year, definitely stalk up folks!

Now the full on fun stuff…

As you all know I’ve been battling many health obstacles, so I decided to do this run as just going out and enjoying the journey and the goal was just to cross the finish line. Not a big goal, but it was a goal none-the-less.

The night before the run, I had the mis-fortune of rolling my foot while getting out of the ride that gave Koren and I lift for dinner. It wasn’t bad, but I felt it… By the time we got back to the hotel, yup it was swollen.

Run day – I met Claudia in my corral. After chatting I learned she has never broke under an hour for a 5k (Her PB was 1:23). I told her today was her lucky day. I was going to pace her and stick right beside her from start to finish.

We completed the 5k in 51:49.


As a runner we can always chase a time but there are also times when you realize it’s not about you. I have been coached and given so much support and encouragement that this was my day to pass this gift of knowledge on and give back, plus paying it forward.

Claudia’s new PB, her happiness at the finish line and smiles of joy was my victory. She earned her new PB and that was my victory. I pushed her to be uncomfortable and she realized her body was capable of so much more.

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